Human resources as company culture

We are an experienced human resources organization, specializing in the cultural management of your company’s population.

* community management and planning
* management of digital transformation projects
* HR for Mergers & Acquisitions
* strategic HR repositioning and mergers of populations of people
* re-culturing when restructuring

We offer real services to real companies with real people. Using the managed culture as a competitive advantage.
We make sure that your people want to work for your company and continue to do so in future, as influencers and ambassadors of your brand in their community.

Human resources are part of the culture of your company, they are not a function. HR is an integral part of your company and should be managed at every level of management by line management supported by specialists in the function.

Community planning, motivation, company culture and career planning … and much more. HR as a department is now in the past, but, really, it is the future, of your company future.

Pervasive, fluid and though present, diffused because employees are the key influencers and actors of your brand and your human resource function.

We talk about the new HR > revisited?


Implementation in your company

Human resources is a natural part of organizational restructuring. Part of an implemention of a global business strategy directed at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

In which people are key, as everybody knows, but people are also the engine of your company success. Human resources are nothing more than a facilitator in this process.

Transformation of any kind could be a challenge, but also an opportunity for multinationals as well as SME’s aiming to ride the innovation.
We assist you and help to improve substantially and we can do this with any type of organization, to incorporate the new enabling technology into the structure and population.

This is what we do.

The means, we will agree upon, such as: organizational strategic planning, population short and long term development, and voluntary change management typical of successful people led companies.

A modern organization in which your employees are your ambassadors, the influencers of their environment and best sellers of your brand.

People success is in the execution. Can we talk about this?


Restructuring & Acquisitions are the opportunity

Strategic repositioning and cultural integration of populations of people.

Not easy. Never.

HR could be your competitive advantage, if you manage the culture and human networks consciously.

We are quite experienced in takeovers, mergers & acquisitions. Still the same people based policy applies. Whatever happens to a company, it is still based on people, because of the people. And future success will come through these same people.

People preparation, accompanying people, and post-deal goal setting. Then, organizational planning, HR re-execution and post-change checking.

Also consider M&A change management and re-culturing.

This same population, with our framework and help, can be your greatest asset in the success of a merger or an acquisition.

Organizations are permeated by culture and represented by people, who are company resources, yes, but, really, the fundamental building block, networked.

We could meet to discuss these people based opportunities?


We are an allround and experienced human resources organization. We offer real services to real companies.

In our team we have people who have made their career in companies of any kind. And with each of them a focus on a different aspect of human resources.

We have seen and experienced most organizational situations, and can help you improve yours. Even if you are an already succesful company.

Our offer is bespoke for each of our clients. We are a boutique operation specializing in companies where people are important to the succes of the company.

Specialist know-how. Our proposal is unique in the proprietary methodology that we apply.

Human resources > revisited !

Case studies are available on demand and we will be happy to discuss these in a face to face meeting. Ready?


Human Resources > revisited, as a community of persons and people

Human Resources revisited, the way things are done now, with a mix of generations. Communities of people of age and culture.

We must be ready to grasp the innovation while maintaining our brand heritage. This is not going to be easy, but, anyway we didn’t want it easy, right?


We are HR specialists. We aim for the sky with our people.

So this is about developing people, of any age, kind, gender and culture. Diversity is the opportunity in the competitive arena.

Serve our customers better by understanding them even better? … can only be done with the right mix of people. The right empowerment and attitude. The individuals who make the difference, because they are different!

Career planning, retention

You don’t want to lose your current and future best performers, do you? So what are you going to do to keep the future of your company success?

Anyone wants to know about their career and their future, so let us plan these paths in advance. Manage the future.

Help your people envisage future in your company and in a path of personal development within the company strategy. While keeping, with the help of these key people, your most loyal customers.


In the end this is about our customers, and serving them in the best way we can. So, from time to time we need to rebuild, and get the best with our team.

Enrich our team, develop people, grow talents. And, … maybe, revisit our team as well. Success comes with the right people, in the right position.

In restructuring a company, and during takeovers, human gems can be uncovered, those very people who will make the difference to your company success.


So, what’s on offer here?

What do you need?

We have company building experience. From sales force to staff services. But this is about knowing people, understanding people and having a vision. Of people and organizations.

Bespoke human resource services

We go well beyond the usual stuff, and into people motivation, feelings and personal culture, in function of the company results.

But are you ready to do, what needs to be done, for your people? For your company?


Next Steps…

Come along and have a face to face meeting. Tell us what you need to be done to achieve your companies goals.

We know people and we know what needs to be done, to get results through people. So, if you are ready, let’s talk.