• Digitalization and Jobs
    Industry 4.0: automation and digitalization: which are the most requested skills today? Digitization is advancing rapidly, and the fourth industrial revolution is having a strong impact on every single sector. What will be the essential skills for the work of the future? Various surveys have been carried out in recent years, these are very clear: all of them agree in saying that roughly one third of the jobs that will be created in the next five and ten years will have as basic requisites of skills, digital but not only today they are rarely available on the market. We talk … Read more
  • Employee Engagement
    Changing The Employee Engagement HEI Human Experience Insights 12 July 2018 Copernico Milano Centrale (an event organised by HEI) Changing the Employee Engagement The work changes and organizations change, and in the new scenarios the involvement of all the company’s people is one of the ingredients of success, not just in start-ups. Knowing how to motivate employees, knowing their degree of satisfaction with the activities they perform, finding common moments to consolidate the sense of belonging are fundamental aspects for the success of the company objectives. The challenge is the construction of a new relationship between companies and people characterized … Read more
  • What is Digital Transformation-3 ?
    Digital Transformation DT is the Change associated with the Application of Digital Technology It involves the reworking of the products, processes and strategies within an organization by leveraging current technologies. But in a broader perspective it is part of a larger technological process, and is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society and thus also in business. [Definition Wikipedia] To be able to achieve digital transformation it is necessary to examine and reinvent many, if not all, areas within an organization. To create an organizational culture where continuous improvements happen and where … Read more
  • What is Digital Transformation-2?
    Digital Transformation and its Side Effects How organisations transform themselves or not (enough) So is digital transformation a necessity, probably yes. Is it always a good thing, possibly no. Digital transformation is a part of the wider business transformation. As it happens it’s an important element in the transformation that companies and organizations are going through, but certainly not the only one. Transformation is primarily determined by the degree by which people are empowered, where they can actively embrace continuing change, and where they see this as an opportunity for growth and innovation. This is true for management and employees. … Read more
  • In 2017 Grow your people→Grow your Business
    HR and M&A Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions Human resources is a natural part of organizational restructuring. Part of an implemention of a global business strategy directed at customer satisfaction and loyalty. And naturally, the human resources aspect of M&A is no exception, restructuring generally, and acquisitions in particular, are a huge opportunity to enrich the company culture and employee knowledge base. The merger of a new population into, and with, an existing one, can bring benefits to all, and create a more responsive company and a positive culture, more prone to customer satisfaction and going the (overused) “extra mile”. … Read more
  • Brand Advisors and Ambassadors
    Advisors are the new ambassadors? Read further! Brand advocates promote a brand.. The role of our people is changing, towards brand influencers; true for nearly all the people in our company population, because all have a network. There are no more “simple and only” employees, who only do perform tasks, they also do represent us! Their role is changing towards a more involved, and a public one. Brand ambassadors are normally appointed by companies (for a definition – Wikipedia), and are considered to be the key salesperson for a product or service on offer. They will represent a brand in … Read more
  • What is Digital Transformation-1?
    DX Digital transformation, the buzz phrase of the moment, it’s an over-used phrase in business, and certainly a selling opportunity for vendors and consultants (cynical but very true, for example read: Galen Gruman – InfoWorld). But what exactly does digital transformation mean and how do you apply it? According to Wikipedia, digital transformation is part of a larger technological process, and is the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society and thus also in business. It is described as the “the total and overall societal effect of digitalization” (Khan). Digitization has enabled the … Read more
  • Agile Recruiting
    What is Agile Recruiting? Agile and lean recruitment methodologies are more pro-active and iterative approaches than the traditional methods, the activity is performed in parallel with several control and interchange points, and using less time and resource to achieve the same results. This is supported by modern technology to take the full benefit of the time and cost savings possible with online and digital services. Results are thus tracked and measured, to allow for continuous improvement, according to the general business rule “what gets measured gets done”, the appropriate metrics need to be put in place and evaluated. It is … Read more

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