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Changing The

Employee Engagement

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12 July 2018 Copernico Milano Centrale (an event organised by HEI)

Changing the Employee Engagement
The work changes and organizations change, and in the new scenarios the involvement of all the company’s people is one of the ingredients of success, not just in start-ups.
Knowing how to motivate employees, knowing their degree of satisfaction with the activities they perform, finding common moments to consolidate the sense of belonging are fundamental aspects for the success of the company objectives.

The challenge is the construction of a new relationship between companies and people characterized by trust, flexibility, awareness and responsibility.

The first workshop of the CHANGING THE series is dedicated to the new forms of involvement of people working in a company or in an organization.
The formulas to spread and share the company’s values, to create cohesion in the work teams and to motivate people have diversified and during the workshop we will present some of them.


9.30 am – Registration of participants

10.00 am – Greetings and introduction

10.15 am – Employee Engagement: from motivational lever to managerial style – Davide Etzi, job psychologist and management consultant for organizational development, HCC Coaching Solutions linkedin profile

The theoretical model on roles and areas to be monitored in the working groups;
Positive psychology of engagement;
The importance of sharing vision and facilitating factors;
Employee engagement in practice: from empowering the employee’s voice to the overturned organizational paradigm.

10.45 am – Can you tell me why I should work in this company? – Benedetta Caridi, Communication Manager, Sharewood linkedin profile

The system overturned and unstructured in the relationship between workers and companies.
The motivation of workers as a driving force for self-assertion and self-efficacy of people in the company.
The change of the rewarding system in the transition from “we guarantee you material benefits” to “we create a rewarding work experience”
World startup and relationships within the team: living in a continuous team building

11.05 am – Coffee break

11.15 am – Team Innovation Booster – Valérie Jakobowski profile Linkedin and Barbara Gasparini Linkedin profile – Papaya Consulting

A corporate training model that combines interaction, coaching and creativity techniques to engage your team in achieving goals.

11.30 am – Team Building like in Ninja: five lessons from the Ninja Marketing Unconvention – Federica Bulega, Ninja Academy linkedin profile

11.45 am – 11 reasons why Escape is the winning Team Building – Matteo Pella, Ceo Flow Factory Italy

12.00 – From Video Games to Escape Rooms: the narrative game as a form of Engagement – Matteo Pozzi, We Are Müesli / Dewey Rooms

12.15 – The Urban Game model applied to the creation of the team – Luca Tripeni Zanforlin, CEO of the Ippocastano profile Linkedin and Giorgio Uberti, Public Historian profile Linkedin

12.30 pm – conclusions