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HR and M&A

Human Resources, Mergers & Acquisitions

Human resources is a natural part of organizational restructuring. Part of an implemention of a global business strategy directed at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

And naturally, the human resources aspect of M&A is no exception, restructuring generally, and acquisitions in particular, are a huge opportunity to enrich the company culture and employee knowledge base. The merger of a new population into, and with, an existing one, can bring benefits to all, and create a more responsive company and a positive culture, more prone to customer satisfaction and going the (overused) “extra mile”.

Planning ahead and understanding the underlying factors, from the HR field, can substantially increase the chances of succes in M&A activity. Transforming a potential difficulty of incorporating the population of the target company into an opportunity to create a stronger and more effective new whole entity.

Which really means using human resources as a competitive tool, by which you use the analysis to understand, develop the methodology that our profession offers, and then plan for an agreement in management teams, integrating, very consciously, new people coming from a recently acquired company.

Many times, the execution of the plan is not the main hurdle, the difficult part is that our client companies may have a very strong culture of their own, already based on total dedication to customer satisfaction of the workforce.

In which (almost) each employee is a brand ambassador of the company itself.

Which requires alignment of populations, and merging company cultures as well, to get the best of both. This not only is favoured by management teams taking HR factors into account and deciding accordingly, but also by a buttom-up effort to make sure people are “on line” with the intention, and are prepared to agree to it, by understanding its relevance.

In truth the networked organizations we have today may actually be an asset in M&A, when proactively and consciously used, to develop consensus in a sincere manner, honest and democratic. Which goes way beyond a “buttom-up”, and let’s say it, old fashioned approach.

This is about a journey which from a single group moves on to a new group being added, making a stronger one. The key is, a larger group sharing culture and direction.

HR could be your competitive advantage, if you manage the culture and human networks consciously.


At Grow your people → Grow your Business we are quite experienced in takeovers, mergers & acquisitions. Still the same people based policy applies.

Whatever happens to a company, it is still based on people, because of the people.

And future success of the merged company will come through these same people.


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