Agile Recruiting

What is Agile Recruiting?

Agile and lean recruitment methodologies are more pro-active and iterative approaches than the traditional methods, the activity is performed in parallel with several control and interchange points, and using less time and resource to achieve the same results.

This is supported by modern technology to take the full benefit of the time and cost savings possible with online and digital services. Results are thus tracked and measured, to allow for continuous improvement, according to the general business rule “what gets measured gets done”, the appropriate metrics need to be put in place and evaluated.

It is clear that there has been healthy discussion and many companies have re-appraised/reviewed their recruiting strategies.

Originally “agile” is another word for ‘flexible’ – but now it is also a term for the new processes and procedures that we use to develop with the digital transformation.

The word agile comes from software development and describes specific project management methods that enable faster, more targeted and more efficient results – despite a constantly changing environment. Agile methods enable the project members to react to the constantly, but also unexpectedly changed (disruptive) environment in such a way that the project success can be achieved.

Project management so far has been flat and therefore static: if one wants to reach a goal, that one wants to achieve, precisely and detailed, he spends a lot of time to make prescriptions over everything possible, the ways and the procedures.

This is no longer a good thing in a world of digital transformation. Which does not change according to principles that can be planned and expected in the old way. Whoever wants to have a certain result must count on these so-called ‘disruptive’ multivariate changes and be flexible in his definition of results. Business as usual was yesterday. After all, one can deduce less and less from the past experiences, you have to act and react much faster, and at the same time observe a lot more influences.

Agile Recruiting assumes that the position is to be filled by a team; the customer can no longer simply drop the recruiting function, and HR is not simply a subordinate service provider but a project manager, and on the same level.

All recruiters, including the internal ones, have to expect for new skills to be offered and accepted: we mean, the necessary help in the digital transformation.

Using an agile approach in recruiting means having checkpoints and sprints in order to ensure you’re on track throughout the process.

The idea is that using constant feedback and by setting up sprints and checkpoints every 2-3 days you can determine if the search project is on track or not.

At its very core, constant feedback and starting with “perfect fits” first is what the agile process is all about.

  1. Define the job, not the skills needed to do the job.
  2. Write job posts and emails to attract passive candidates.
  3. Within a few days, find a few “perfect fit” passive candidates to test out.
  4. Find enough high potential prospects to get close to closing.
  5. Conduct a two week review.

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